Canadian Judge Grants First Nations Injunction Request Over Opening Fisheries

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B.C. First Nations won a major victory Friday when a Federal Court judge granted an injunction blocking the opening this year of a herring fishery on the west coast of Vancouver Island.

The decision came after an internal memo revealed Fisheries Minister Gail Shea overruled recommendations of scientists in her own department.

If anyone has a copy of the injunction, we’d like to post it.


Documents in Penn West v. Ominayak, et al

The ex parte application for injunction here. Hearing on the application is this afternoon.

Affidavit of a general manager of Penn West, with supporting documentation (PDF, 100+ pages).

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Osage Nation v. Oklahoma – CA10

The Osage Nation sued the State of Oklahoma and Oklahoma Tax Commission officials seeking an injunction against the collection of state income taxes against Osage members in Osage Indian Country. The district court denied the state’s Eleventh Amendment motion to dismiss. The CA10 reversed as to the State, but very grudgingly affirmed as to the officials, relying on Ex parte Young.

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