Coverage of Final Day of Wisconsin Chippewa Tribes Night Deer Hunting Trial

Ruling is expected before November.

Wisconsin Public Radio story here.

Minneapolis Star Tribune story here.

Day one coverage is here and day two coverage is here.

Disturbing Events at Lac Courte Oreilles Treaty Rights Camp — Mining Co. Hires Paramilitary Security Firm to Push Off Anishinaabeg

News coverage from the Progressive and Wisconsin Public Radio.

From the Prog:

On Tuesday morning the Iron County Forest Committee voted unanimously to recommend that the Iron County Board pursue criminal and civil charges against the Lac Courte Oreilles Treaty Harvest and Education camp for violating county ordinances and provisions of state County Forest Law. The vote took place with no discussion after the committee emerged from closed session with their corporate counsel.

The decision comes two months after the same committee voted unanimously to approve a request by the Lac Courte Oreilles Band of Lake Superior Chippewa for a waiver to the county’s 14-day camping ordinance to allow the camp to remain established on Moore Park Road for one year.

From WPR:

Credit Rob Ganson

An attorney who has been critical of mining company GTAC says the company might have committed a felony when it hired an unlicensed security firm to guard its test drills.

Hurley lawyer Anthony Stella had already asked the Iron County district attorney and state regulators to deny a license to Arizona-based Bulletproof Securities because the company’s paramilitary-style guards operated here without a license. In a new letter sent to the DA and the state, Stella cites another law that says anyone who employs armed people for the protection of persons or property, not being authorized by the laws of the state, is guilty of a felony.

Coverage of Day Two of Wisconsin Chippewa Tribes Night Deer Hunting Trial

Wisconsin Public Radio story is here.

Coverage of day one is here.

Coverage of Day One of Wisconsin Chippewa Tribes Night Deer Hunting Trial

Story is here. The trial is scheduled to last a week.

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Judge Crabb Denies Wisconsin Tribes’ Motion to Allow Night Deer Hunting



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Wisconsin Chippewa Tribes Wait to Hear Night Deer Hunting Ruling


Materials here and here.

Wisconsin Night Deer Hunt Hearing to Continue Thursday



Wisconsin’s Brief and Motion to Strike

Tribes’ Response Brief

Tribes’ Response to Motion to Strike

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Wisconsin Night Deer Hunting Hearing Set for December 12

The evidentiary hearing on the Wisconsin Tribes’ preliminary injunction motion is set for 12/12/12. Stories are here and here.

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Wisconsin Tribes Seek to Enforce Treaty Rights in Night Deer Hunt

News coverage is here and here.

State Motion to Enforce Prohibition on Shining Deer

State Brief in Support of Motion

State Proposed Order

LDF Motion for Preliminary and Permanent Injunction

LDF Preliminary Injunction Memorandum

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