US v. Boise — Challenge to Confession Obtained by Tribal Police

Here’s an Indian Civil Rights Act-related case out of the District of Oregon involving a motion to suppress a statement obtained by tribal police to be used as evidence in federal court. The motion was denied.





U.S. v. Gonzales et al. — Makah Whalers — Up to Date Materials

The Makah whaling case in federal court is turning into a very interesting discussion of whaling treaty rights and federal criminal procedure.

Here are the current materials in United States v. Gonzales, et al., No. CR 07-5656 JKA (W.D. Wash.):

United States v. Gonzales Indictment

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Makah Tribe Proposed Amicus Brief in Federal Whaling Prosecution

The Makah Nation has filed a motion for leave to file an amicus brief in the United States v. Gonzales whaling prosecution. Here are the materials, including Defendant Noel’s opposition to the motion:

Makah Amicus Brief

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U.S. v. Gonzales et al. — Makah Whalers — Update

We previously published the indictment here. There have been two motions to dismiss the indictment and a motion to suppress evidence. There has been no federal response yet. Here are those materials:

Defendants Motion to Dismiss Count 1

Defendants Motion to Dismiss Count 2

Defendants Motion to Suppress