Magistrate Judge Opinion Issued in Dossett v. Ho-Chunk Inc.

Here are the materials in Dossett v. Ho-Chunk Inc. (D. Or.):

1 Complaint

30 High Country News MTD

35 Ho-Chunk Nation MTD


44 Dossett Response to 30 and 35

45 Dossett Declaration

45-1 Exhibits

47 Dossett Response to 35

48 NCAI Reply

49 HCN Reply

50 Ho-Chunk Nation Reply

51 Ducheneaux Declaration

53 Dossett Motion to File Amended Complaint

54 Ho-Chunk Inc Opposition to 53

55 Ho-Chunk Renewed MTD

57 NCAI Opposition to 53

59 Dossett Reply to NCAI

60 Dossett Reply to Ho-Chunk

69 Magistrate Opinion

Update in Klamath River Flow Litigation [Rule 19 Motion]

Here are updated materials in Klamath Irrigation District v. Bureau of Reclamation (D. Or.):

Dkt 89 Magistrate Findings and Recommendation of Dismissal

ECF 70 Second Amended Complaint

ECF 73 Shasta 2nd amended complaint

ECF 74 HVT Motion to Dismiss

ECF 75 Klamath Motion to Dismiss

ECF 76 Feds Response to Motion to DIsmiss

ECF 83 Hoopa Reply Re Dismissal

ECF No 77 ShastaViewOppMotDismiss

ECF No 78 KIDopposMotDismiss

Here is a new pleading in a related case, Yurok Tribe v. Bureau of Reclamation (N.D. Cal.):

909-1 Yurok Motion

Materials in Warm Springs Tribe Contract Dispute over Timber Revenues

Here are the materials so far in Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs Reservation of Oregon v. Vanport International, Inc. (D. Or.):

1 Complaint

54 Warm Springs MSJ

65 Vanport Response

74 Reply

84 DCT Order

Federal Court Denies Warm Springs Rule 19 Motion, Holding Clean Water Act Abrogates Tribal Immunity

Here are the materials in Deschutes River Alliance v. Portland General Electric Company (D. Or.):

74 Motion to Dismiss

76 Response

78 Reply

103 DCT Order

Federal Court Dismisses Casino Patron Effort to Overrule Tribal Tort Claims Act Interpretation

Here are the materials in Wilson v. Umpqua Indian Development Corporation (D. Or.):

1 Complaint

1-7 Tribal Court Decision

15 Motion to Dismiss

Federal Court Dismisses Railroad Expansion Project Suit under Rule 19 for Failure to Join Indispensable Tribes

Here are the materials in Union Pacific Railroad v. Runyon (D. Or.):

28 Tribal Motion to Dismiss

42 Response

44 Reply

56 DCT Order

Casino Patron Brings Federal Suit over Interpretation of Tribal Tort Claims Act

Here is the complaint in Wilson v. Umpqua Indian Development Corporation (D. Or.):

1 Complaint

1-7 Tribal Court Decision


15 Motion to Dismiss

Yakama Nation Largely Prevails in CERCLA Suit with US

Here are the materials in Confederated Tribes and Bands of the Yakama Nation v. United States of America (D. Or.):

20 Yakama Motion for Summary J

21-1 Memorandum in Support

25 US Response

27 US Motion for Summary J

31 Yakama Reply

33 Magistrate Report

41 DCT Order