Alabama Federal Court Dismisses Civil Claims against Defense Contractor Owned by Eastern Band Cherokee

Here are the materials in Aquate II v. Myers (N.D. Ala.):

Federal Court Rejects Non-Indian Group’s Attempt to Take Advantage of IGRA

Here is the opinion in Department of Texas Veterans v. Dorning (N.D. Ala.) — Dept of Texas Veterans v Dorning

The plaintiffs argued that they were “Class II” bingo under IGRA:

Plaintiff’s final argument is that it is entitled to summary judgment on the legality of its bingo games because the gaming system at issue is a “Class II” game under the Indian Gaming and Regulatory Act.138 See 25 U.S.C. § 2701 et seq. However, that Act applies only to the conduct of gambling operations on Indian reservations, see 25 U.S.C. § 2710, and it is undisputed that the Triana operation at issue is not located on Indian lands.139 Consequently, plaintiff’s argument does not merit further discussion.

PPI v. Kempthorne – Denial of Injunction against Seminole Hard Rock Bingo

Here is the order re: PPI’s request for an injunction in light of the Florida House v. Crist ruling. It was denied — once again, my favorite rule — Rule 19 — came into play. [Thanks to T.W.]


PPI’s complaint and request for an injunction is here.