Pawnee Nation Endorses Declaration on Rights of Indigenous Persons

Here is the press release and related statutes:

Federal Court Remands Fracking Earthquake Suit against Oil Companies to State Court; Remand Order Turned on Meaning of “Tribal Lands”

Here are the materials in Adams v. Eagle Road Oil LLC (N.D. Okla.):

12 Cummings Motion to Dismiss

19 Eagle Road Motion to Dismiss

27 Adams Motion to Remand

33 Cummings Opposition to Remand Motion

36 Adams Reply

37 DCT Order Granting Motion to Remand

Complaint in Pawnee Nation lawsuit for Earthquake Damage caused by Wastewater Injection

Here is the complaint filed in the Pawnee Nation Tribal Court in Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma v. Eagle Road Oil LLC, et al.

On Friday, March 3, the Pawnee Nation sued 27 companies that operate wastewater disposal wells used in fracking operations in and near Pawnee, Oklahoma.  The complaint alleges that the actions of the defendants have contributed to earthquakes and resulting damage to the Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma, and it includes claims based on strict liability, negligence, private nuisance, and trespass. The Tribe seeks compensatory and punitive damages.

Pawnee Nation sues several oil and gas companies in Tribal Court for quake damage

We noted last November that the Pawnee Nation sued the Dept. of Interior in federal district court to challenge the approval of federal oil and gas leases on tribal lands here.

Today, several news agencies here, here, and here report that the Pawnee Nation has sued 27 oil and gas companies in the Pawnee Nation Tribal Court for damage caused by earthquakes.  Earthquakes have been associated with wastewater injection practices used in conjunction with hydraulic frackingLast September, the Pawnee Nation suffered damage to historic buildings due to a 5.6 magnitude earthquake.

We’ll post a copy of the complaint as soon as it becomes available.


Wrongful Death Action against Pawnee Law Enforcement Allowed to Proceed

Here are the materials in Estate of Gonzales ex rel. Gonzales v. Brown (N.D. Okla.):

32 Waters Motion to Dismiss

38 Opposition to Waters

40 Waters Reply

45 Miller Motion to Dismiss

54 Kanuho Motion to Dismiss

55 Leading Fox Motion to Dismiss

60 Opposition to Miller

64 Miller Reply

74 Opposition to Leading Fox

75 Opposition to Kanuho

76 Opposition to Kanuho

77 Leading Fox Reply

78 Kanuho Reply 1

79 Kanuho Reply 2

81 DCT Order