Podcast on UN Declaration Panel at AALS

Here is the podcast for the Indian Nations and Indigenous Peoples panel on the UN declaration at AALS.

Speakers included:

Coulter Robert T. – Speaker

Angelique Eaglewoman – Speaker

G.W. Rice – Speaker

Wenona Singel – Moderator

Indian Law-Related Panels at AALS

Thursday, January 8, 2009, 8:30-10:15

Section on Indian Nations and Indigenous Peoples
Columbia 3, North Tower/Lobby Level, San Diego Marriott Hotel & Marina

New Directions for International Law and Indigenous Peoples

(Program to be published in Idaho Law Review)

The United Nations’ adoption of the “Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples” in September 2007 marked an historic moment for the world’s 300 million indigenous peoples. The Declaration is the first time that the United Nations has formally recognized indigenous peoples’ rights to self-determination and control over their lands and natural resources. This year’s program will address the following issues related to the Declaration: How can the Declaration be used to improve the lives of indigenous peoples; What national laws and policies violate the Declaration, and what are the most effective remedial measures to address these violations?; and, How will the Declaration influence Congress, the administration and the courts?

Business Meeting at Program Conclusion.

Robert T. Coulter – Speaker
Angelique A. Eaglewoman – Speaker
G. W. Rice – Speaker
Wenona T. Singel – Moderator

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AALS Annual Meeting in Manhattan — Indian Law Related Panels

The 2008 AALS Annual Meeting starts today. Here is the speaker listing for the two (mainly) Indian Law panels. Both are Saturday afternoon:

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Michigan State Law Review Call for Papers

Dear Colleagues,

The editors of the Michigan State Law Review have asked that I forward to you the following call for papers:

The Michigan State Law Review is requesting submissions for its spring symposium issue on the topic of Labor and Employment Laws in Indian Country, in conjunction with the Section on Indian Nations and Indigenous Peoples program during the American Association of Law Schools’ Annual Meeting in New York City on January 5, 2008. The Law Review is requesting submissions from both the Indian Nations/tribal law perspective, and from employers’ perspectives. We welcome papers on the effects of state and federal labor regulations on tribal employers and employees, as well as papers on other topics relating to the interplay of labor and employment law and Indian Nations. The issue is scheduled to be published in May 2008. We ask that you submit your papers by February 15, 2008. We invite any conference participants or invitees to submit papers, but we welcome papers from those unable to attend the conference as well. Please email your manuscripts or any questions to Emma Haas, Michigan State Law Review Senior Articles Editor, at haasemma@msu.edu. Thank you for your interest.


Wenona Singel