Split SCOTUS Affirms Cougar Den (5-4, no majority opinion)

Here is the opinion.

Materials are here.

Background Materials in Washington State Department of Licensing v. Cougar Den, Inc.

Supreme Court

–Merits Stage

Joint Appendix

Petitioner’s Brief

SG Brief

Respondent’s Brief

Sacred Ground Legal Services Amicus Brief

Yakama Nation Amicus Brief

Nez Perce Tribe Amicus Brief

NCAI Amicus Brief

Reply Brief

–Cert Stage

Cert Petition

Cougar Den Cert Opp


SG Brief

supplemental brief for respondent in response to brief of us solicitor general

Washington Supreme Court

Here is the opinion in Cougar Den Inc. v. Washington State Dept. of Licensing.


92289-6 Appellant’s Opening Brief

92289-6 Appellant’s Reply

92289-6 Appellant’s Response to Amicus Brief

92289-6 Respondent’s Brief

92289-6 Yakama Nation Amicus Brief