Patchak v. Kempthorne TRO Oral Argument Transcript

Judge Leon ruled from the bench in this case on Monday, denying a TRO motion from Patchak, a member of 23 is Enough and MichGO (although he challenges that last part), to stop the trust acquisition of land in Allegan County for the Gun Lake Band.

Here is the transcript: patchak-v-kempthorne-transcript

Given the judge’s hostility toward Patchak’s attorney and legal positions, occasionally labeling them frivolous, one could argue (I suppose) that a Rule 11 motion could be in order. But I highly doubt that such a motion would be treated favorably by Judge Leon, who does not appear to suffer fools gladly.

Here are the pleadings.

3 thoughts on “Patchak v. Kempthorne TRO Oral Argument Transcript

  1. Matthew L.M. Fletcher January 30, 2009 / 3:54 pm

    A Rule 11 motion has to do with frivolous pleadings (and other things, too, like forgetting to sign your pleading). But under Rule 11, if you file a frivolous pleading, the court has the discretion to sanction the attorney.

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