Ninth Circuit Rejects Challenges to Navajo Generating Station Clean Air FIP

Here is the opinion in Yazzie v. EPA. Here is the opinion in Hopi Tribe v. EPA. The Yazzie opinion is the lead opinion and has more details.

Materials in the Yazzie appeal are here. Materials in the Hopi appeal are here (some of the Yazzie briefs are here, too).

Ninth Circuit Briefs in Hopi Tribe v. EPA


Federal Brief

Gila River Indian Community Brief

Hopi Tribe Brief

National Parks Conservation Assn Brief

Navajo Nation Brief

Salt River Project Brief

Tribal Conservation Organizations Brief

Tribal Conservation Organizations Reply Brief

Yazzie Brief

Yazzie Reply

Petition here.

Ninth Circuit Opening Briefs in Challenge to EPA Permit for Navajo Generating Station


Environmental Groups Opening Brief

To’ Nizhoni Ani Opening Brief

Yazzie Opening Brief

Gila River Brief

Navajo Brief

A second appeal involving the Hopi Tribe’s challenge has been severed from this consolidated appeal:

CA9 Order

Navajo Generating Station

Environmental Groups Challenge Navajo Generating Station Approvals, Too

Here is the petition in National Parks Conservation v. EPA (CA9):

Envtl Groups Petition

Hopi’s petition is here.