Federal Court Holds Spirit Lake Sioux Tribe Has Standing to Bring Voting Rights Act Claims on Behalf of Tribal Citizens

Here are the materials in Spirit Lake Tribe v. Jaeger (D.N.D.):

51 Second Amended Complaint

54 Motion to Dismiss

55 Response

56 Reply

79 DCT Order

Ninth Circuit En Banc Panel Holds Arizona Discriminates against Voters of Color

Here is the opinion in Democratic National Committee v. Hobbs. A powerful history of the State’s suppression of Native voting begins on page 54 of Judge Fletcher’s majority opinion. The work of Patty Ferguson-Bohnee is cited repeatedly on this point.







Federal Court Rejects Spirit Lake Tribe’s Voting Rights Effort

Here are the materials in Spirit Lake Tribe v. Jaeger (D. N.D.):

9 Motion for TRO

Doc. 33 Order Denying Plaintiffs’ Motion for Temporary Restraining Order 2018.11.01 (00196925x9D7F5)

Complaint here.