New Mexico Federal Court Rejects Criminal Convict’s Request for Downward Variance in Sentence; Challenge to Major Crimes Act as Racial Classification

Here are materials in United States v. Jojola (D.N.M.):

Of course, if SCOTUS goes the wrong way in Brackeen, this case and hundreds will go much differently.

New Mexico Federal Court Allows FTCA Claim over Navajo Irrigation Project Damage

Here are the materials (So far) in Navajo Agricultural Products Industries v. United States (D.N.M.):

New Mexico Federal Court Grants Funding Injunction to Fort Defiance Indian Hospital against IHS

Here are the materials in Fort Defiance Indian Hospital Board v. Beccera (D.N.M.):

Federal Court Certifies Interlocutory Appeal to Address “Law of the Place” Question under Federal Tort Claims Act Claim Brought at Acoma

Here are the materials so far in Ray v. United States (D.N.M.):

1 Complaint

35 Ray Motion for Summary J

37 Response

40 DCT Order

54 DCT Order re Certification of Appeal

Federal Suit against Interior and Navajo re: Removal from Indian Education Committee at a Gallup School is Dismissed

Here are the materials in Chicharello v. Dept. of the Interior (D.N.M.):

1 Complaint

19 Navajo Motion to Dismiss

34 US Motion to Dismiss

35 DCT Order

45 Amended Complaint

47 DCT Order