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Hopi Tribe

Chief Prosecutor. Responsible for the executive and administrative control of the Tribal Prosecutor’s Office, as well as prosecuting crimes committed within the Hopi Reservation and its boundaries, and prosecuting delinquency and minor child in need of care petitions.

Probation Officer. Manages a case load and enforces court ordered probationary sentences by supervising and monitoring probationers under the direct supervision of the Chief Probation Officer. The incumbent performs paraprofessional duties requiring knowledge and skill in assessments, investigation, counseling, and supervision of probationers.

Deputy General Counsel. Provides professional legal counsel and representation to the Hopi Tribal government – including the legislative and executive branches of the Hopi Tribe, the administrative departments, offices, and programs – as specified by the Tribal Council and the General Council.

Licensed Deputy Prosecutor. Performs professional legal work in prosecuting criminal offense, juvenile offenses, and certain civil cases in the Hopi Tribal Courts, including legal research and preparation of Court documents; response to citizen inquiries relating to tribal court procedures and violations of Tribal laws prosecuted in Tribal Court.

Link: Hopi Tribe job listings and application details

The Match-E-Be-Nash-She-Wish Band of Potawatomi Indians

Tribal Court Clerk. Grant Funded Coordinated Tribal Assistance Solicitation Grant – Bureau of Justice Assistant. Three (3) year temporary grant project. Projected End Date: 9/30/2018. Funding may be available at the end of the grant to sustain this position. Closes 8/7/2017.

Legal Services of South Central Michigan

Paid Law Clerk, Lansing. Students who have completed their first year in law
school are welcome to apply.

Pueblo of Laguna

Attorney. Under general direction of Government Affairs Director, serves as an in-house legal adviser, representative, and counselor. Ensures the adherence to applicable laws to protect and enhance tribal sovereignty, to avoid or prevent expensive legal disputes and litigation, and to protect the legal interests of the Pueblo government. Consistently applies the Pueblo’s Core Values in support of Workforce Excellence. Maintains confidentiality of all privileged information.

National Indian Gaming Commission

Financial Analyst, Washington, D.C. Will review and analyze complex financial data, reconcile general ledger, coordinate budget process, calculate fees and various user charge rates, and prepare reports and analyses which are critical to the agency’s financial operations. The incumbent may work with various Divisions and other programs of the agency to carry out duties.

Link: 7/28/17 Friday Job Announcements

Ninth Circuit Materials in Atlantic Richfield Co. v. Laguna Construction Co.

Here are the briefs:

Opening Brief

Others briefs TK.

Lower court materials tag here.

Suit over Jackpile Uranium Mine Cleanup Proceeds

Here are the materials in Atlantic Richfield Co. v. United States (D. N.M.):

32 US Motion to Dismiss

34 Laguna Construction Co Motion to Dismiss

36 Laguna Pueblo Motion to Dismiss

46 AR Response to US Motion

47 AR Response to Pueblo Motion

48 AR Response to LCC Motion

63 LCC Reply

64 US Reply

67 Pueblo Reply

71 DCT Order Granting US Motion

73 DCT Order Partially Granting Pueblo Motion

75 DCT Order Denying LCC Motion

Complaint here.

Government Moves to Dismiss Industry CERCLA Claim re: Uranium Mine at Laguna Pueblo

Here are the materials so far in Atlantic Richfield Co. v. United States (D. N.M.):

32 US Motion to Dismiss

Complaint is here.

Complaint in Atlantic Richfield Co. v. United States over Uranium Mining Remediation on Pueblo of Laguna Lands

Here is the complaint in Atlantic Richfield Co. v. United States (D. N.M.):

1-1 Complaint

An excerpt:

1. Atlantic Richfield seeks a declaration of its rights and other relief to prevent the United States from imposing upon Atlantic Richfield responsibility for funding or performing any environmental reclamation or remediation work at the Jackpile-Paguate Uranium Mine (the “Jackpile Site” or the “Site”), because Atlantic Richfield paid $43,600,000 to the Laguna and the United States in 1986 for a comprehensive settlement and release of Atlantic Richfield’s environmental liability for the Site.

2. The Jackpile Site is located within the Pueblo of Laguna Reservation in Cibola County, New Mexico. Before, during, and after mining operations at the Site by Atlantic Richfield’s predecessor, the United States held legal title to some or all of the land within the Site. The United States currently holds legal title to some or all of the land within the Site. At all relevant times, the federal trust doctrine imposed, and continues to impose, fiduciary duties upon the United States with regard to all of the land within the Jackpile Site.

3. The United States promoted and encouraged uranium exploration and mining on the Pueblo of Laguna Reservation, including at the Jackpile Site. Beginning in the 1940s, the United States implemented a decades-long program to locate, acquire, and process uranium ore and to purchase uranium ore and uranium concentrate for military purposes. The United States’ uranium procurement program ultimately included the Jackpile Site. Until the late 1960s, the United States was the sole purchaser of all the uranium produced from domestic uranium mines, including from the Jackpile-Paguate Uranium Mine. During this period, the United States exercised pervasive control over the domestic uranium industry, including all aspects of uranium exploration, production, processing, and marketing.

Pueblo of Laguna Seeking In-House Counsel


Attorney 2014-15B

OPENING DATE: April 22, 2014
CLOSING DATE: Open Until Filled
DEPARTMENT: Governor’s Office / Government Affairs Office
SALARY RANGE: E – 19; $67,692 – $101,537
Position Summary:
Under the direct administrative supervision of the Government Affairs Director, serves as an in-house legal advisor, representative, and counselor to the Pueblo of Laguna including programs and departments. Ensures that all applicable laws are followed to protect and enhance tribal sovereignty. Provides assistance to avoid or prevent expensive legal disputes and litigation and to protect the legal interests of the Pueblo government.

Wall Street Journal article on protections for Mount Taylor in NM

The article describes struggles between the Acoma Pueblo, Pueblo of Laguna, Zuni, and Navajo and ranchers regarding whether Mt. Taylor should be protected from mining because of its sacred character.