Texas v. Zinke (ICWA Challenge) April Update

There were some thirty entries on the Texas v. Zinke docket this month. Relevant documents are on the case page.

Since our last update, the feds filed another motion to dismiss. The plaintiffs’ seperated into private and state parties for briefing–so the state plaintiffs have filed one brief, and the individual plaintiffs filed another (up to 70 pages each). Both, however, filed a combined opposition to the government’s motion to dismiss and motions for summary judgment.

Ohio and Goldwater have filed amicus briefs on the opposition to the motion to dismiss.

Navajo Nation motioned to intervene for the purpose of a Rule 19 dismissal.

The federal government and the plaintiffs are going back and forth on the scheduling of additional briefing, but there are no orders yet.

Quechan v. Dept. of Interior (D. Ariz.) — Arizona Clean Fuels Refinery

From Indianz [see the briefs and opinion below the fold]:

A federal judge has dismissed the Quechan Nation’s lawsuit over a proposed oil refinery in Arizona.

The tribe said the Bureau of Reclamation, an agency of the Interior Department, failed to address the environmental impact of a land transfer that was authorized by an act of Congress. The judge dismissed the claim as “frivolous.” Arizona Clean Fuels bought the land at issue in the transfer for an oil refinery. But the company has decided to use a different site after the tribe raised questions about the original site.

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