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Federal Claims Court Dismisses Pro Se Property Owner Claims against US [and Quinault] over Lake Quinault

Here are the materials in Landreth v. United States (Fed. Cl.): 12-amended-complaint.pdf 13-chenault-motion-to-file-amicus-brief.pdf 14-dct-order-denying-chenault-amicus.pdf 15-us-motion-to-dismiss.pdf 18-quinault-motion-to-file-amicus-brief.pdf 18-1-quinault-amicus.pdf 20-us-consent-to-quinault-motion.pdf 21-response-to-us-motion-to-dismiss.pdf 30-quinault-reply.pdf 34-dct-order-denying-quinault-motion.pdf 35-us-reply-in-support-of-mtd.pdf 36-dct-order.pdf

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Brackeen Oral Argument Audio

Here. Briefs and materials here.

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Briefing Completed in Brackeen v. Bernhardt (frmly Zinke) in the Fifth Circuit [ICWA Case]

Oral arguments are March 13. Principal Briefs on the Tribal Defendant/Intervenor and Federal Side (Pro-ICWA) Appellant Tribes Brief Appellant Federal Parties Navajo Nation Motion to Intervene and Proposed Brief Amicus Briefs, Pro-ICWA Congressional Amicus Brief Constitutional Law Profs Brief Casey … Continue reading

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Media Statements and News Articles on Fifth Circuit ICWA Case

Quote from Intervening Tribes Statement: We applaud the broad coalition of federal lawmakers, attorneys general from 21 states, and 30 child welfare organizations who have joined 325 Tribal governments and 57 Tribal organizations in filing numerous amicus briefs with the … Continue reading

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Merits and Amicus Briefs Filed in Brackeen et al v. Zinke et al. Yesterday

Multiple parties and amici filed strong briefs in the Brackeen v. Zinke case in the Fifth Circuit yesterday. Twenty-one state attorneys general filed an amicus brief in support of the law, as did 325 tribal nations and 57 tribal organizations. … Continue reading

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Statement from the Four Intervening/Appellant Tribes on the Stay of the Texas v. Zinke Decision

Joint Tribal Statement re Fifth Circuit Stay 12.3.18 We applaud the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals for staying a recent ruling in Texas that struck down the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA). This stay decision protects children from potential abuse … Continue reading

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Four Intervening Tribes in Texas v. Zinke ICWA Case File Notice to Appeal and Motion to Stay in Fifth Circuit

New Fifth Circuit page here. Tribal Motion for Stay Pending Appeal Finally, the district court’s ruling will cause significant inconsistency throughout the country. As this Court noted in Bryant, when issuing a stay, “[t]he inevitable disruption that would arise from … Continue reading

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Texas v. Zinke Update: Stay Denied; Navajo Nation Files Motion to Intervene

In Texas v. Zinke, the ICWA case in the northern district of Texas, the district court judge denied the four intervening defendant tribes’ motion to stay the decision. There has been no stay request filed in the Fifth Circuit nor … Continue reading

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Texas v. Zinke (ICWA Challenge) April Update

There were some thirty entries on the Texas v. Zinke docket this month. Relevant documents are on the case page. Since our last update, the feds filed another motion to dismiss. The plaintiffs’ seperated into private and state parties for … Continue reading

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Ninth Circuit Decides Comenout v. Whitener (Rule 19, tribal immunity)

Here is the unpublished order. Briefs: Opening Brief Answer Brief Reply Brief Lower court materials: 19 Motion to Dismiss 21 Response 24 Reply 25 DCT Order  

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