Federal Court Refuses to Dismiss Federal Indictment of Habitual D.V. Offender [Underlying Nooksack D.V. Convictions]

Here are the materials in United States v. Cline (W.D. Wash.):

1 Complaint

40 Motion to Dismiss

46 Response

47 Reply

50 Surreply

51 Sur-sur-reply

55 DCT Order

Nooksack Update: Interior Threatens Reassumption; State Court Asserts PL 280 Jurisdiction


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Nooksack Begins Disenrollee Evictions

Downloads (PDF):

Links: Rejected motion, ComplaintNooksack posts

Nooksack Update — Disenrollment Reconsideration; Kelly Letter to BIA; Whatcom County Materials

Here are the reconsideration materials:

Omnibus Written Disenrollment Reconsideration Request

Nooksack Disenrollee TANF Denial Letter

Nooksack Disenrollee Declaration re TANF Denial

Nooksack Disenrollee Declaration re Medical Presciption Denial

Nooksack Disenrollee Declaration re Elder Health Care Denial

Nooksack Disenrollee Declaration re Dental Care Denial

Here is the Kelly letter to BIA:

Letter from Bob Kelly to Lawrence Roberts

Here are the Whatcom County Superior Court materials:

In Re Gabriel Galanda v Nooksack Tribal Court – Whatcom County Superior Court Response to Gilliland’s Motion to Vacate

In Re Gabriel Galanda v Nooksack Tribal Court – Whatcom County Superior Court Declaration of Bree Black Horse in Support of Petitioners’ Response to Gilliland’s Motion to Vacate with Exhibits

Nooksack Update — “Tribe” Response to NICS and State Court Matters

Here are new pleadings and orders:

Nooksack Indian Tribe v NICS Order on Preliminary Injunction

Whatcom County Superior Court Nooksack Indian Tribe’s Reply In Support of Motion to Vacate Order Domesticating Foreign Judgment and Quash or Bar Execution and Enforcement Efforts

Turtle Talk Poll Results — Nooksack Disenrollments

Few Turtle Talk readers support disenrolling the so-called Nooksack 306. The vast majority of TT readers think Nooksack should hold elections before disenrollments. There is a wide variety of opinions on which forum should resolve the disputes.


Question: Should the Nooksack 306 Be Disenrolled?



12 4.44%


202 74.81%

Don’t Know

56 20.74%

Question: Should the Nooksack Tribe Hold Elections Before Proceeding with Disenrollments?



212 85.48%


25 10.08%

Don’t Know

11 4.44%

Question: Which forum is the best place to resolve litigation arising from this dispute?


Nooksack tribal council (incl. Nooksack Supreme Court)

14 5.45%

Nooksack tribal judiciary

89 34.63%

Bureau of Indian Affairs

51 19.84%

Federal or state courts

80 31.13%

International forums

7 2.72%


16 6.23%

Nooksack Update

Kelly v. Kelly (Nooksack Tr. Ct.):

Kelly v. Kelly Rejected Second Amended Complaint

Belmont v. Kelly (Nooksack Ct. App.):

Rejected Declarations Re Nooksack Member Voting Rights

Nooksack Indian Tribe v. NICS (Nooksack Tr. Ct.):

Response to Order to Show Cause

Declaration of of Daniel Kamkoff in Response to Order to Show Cause

Administrative Disenrollment Matter (Nooksack Tr. Council):

Omnibus Written Response of Nooksack Tribal Members Proposed for Disenrollment


Washington Court Registers Judgment against Nooksack Police Chief under State Uniform Enforcement of Foreign Judgments Act

Here are the materials in In re Gabriel Galanda v. Nooksack Tribal Court (Wash. Super. Ct. — Whatcom County):

Bree Blackhorse Declaration

Rory Lee Gilliland Declaration

Betty Leathers Letter

Whatcom County Superior Court Minute Order

Update in Galanda v. Nooksack Tribal Court and Related Cases