#MeToo in Indian Country: A Short and Incomplete Collection of News Stories

Articles selected based on google search at 9AM this morning — “metoo american Indians”

Indianz: National Congress of American Indians under #MeToo fire

ICT: NCAI Attorney John Dossett under fire after #MeToo allegations

Indianz: Prominent Indian Country attorney reassigned after #MeToo allegations

NPQ: Will #MeToo Movement Lead to Protections for American Indian Women?

Vice Impact: Native American Women Have Been Saying a Lot More Than #MeToo for Years

Jezebel: Native American Lit Community Warns of Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Sherman Alexie 

NPR: ‘It Just Felt Very Wrong’: Sherman Alexie’s Accusers Go On The Record

Medium: Sherman Alexie and the Sexual Assault Legacy of Federal Native American Boarding Schools

NBC: Native American women speak out about sexual assault and violence

New Mexico News Port: Native Women Leaders Express #Me-Too Concerns

HCN: Where #Metoo meets #MMIW

Bustle: These Women Running For Congress Won’t Let Native Americans Be Left Out Of #MeToo


The Nation: Confronting the ‘Native Harvey Weinsteins

OPB: Native American Women On Sherman Alexie: ‘The Silence Was Destructive’

TIME: The Silence Breakers

Yes!: Why Reading Sherman Alexie Was Never Enough

Sexual Harassment Complaint against King County, Wash. Sheriff’s Office Alleges Blasé re: Indian Country Sexual Assaults

Here is the complaint in Ferguson v. King County (Pierce County Superior Court):

King County Sexual Harassment Complaint

From page 9:

Provenzo regularly told Belinda not to fully investigate rape or sexual assault cases that occurred on the Muckleshoot Indian reservation, because rape happens on the reservation “all the time.”

Thanks to Trent Crable and Diana Bob for the find.

Federal Sexual Harassment Claims against Miss. Band Choctaw Dismissed

Here are the materials in Copeland v. Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians dba Silverstar Casino (S.D. Miss.):

DCT Order Dismissing Copeland Complaint

Mississippi Band Motion to Dismiss

Tribal Court Record Part 1

Tribal Court Record Part 3

Silbernagel v. Standing Rock/Fort Totten School

This case, in the District Court for South Dakota, involves the question of whether the Standing Rock/Fort Totten Community School is entitled to tribal sovereign immunity or whether it has lost its tribal character. This is a discovery order opening up discovery on the question. The underlying question involves a tort claim against the school — sexual harassment.