Eighth Circuit Briefs in City of Council Bluffs v. Dept. of Interior


Appellants Brief


Federal Appellee Brief

Ponca Tribe Amicus Brief


Lower court materials here.

NIGC Affirms Approval of Ponca Tribe’s Gaming Ordinance on Remand from Federal Court

Here is the order in In re: Gaming Ordinance of Ponca Tribe of Nebraska:

Revised Amendment to FDO – Ponca NE

The earlier federal court materials are here.

Federal Court Issues Order in Council Bluffs v. DOI [Ponca Tribe]

Here are the materials in City of Council Bluffs v. United States Department of Interior (S.D. Iowa):

1 Complaint

13 Iowa Complaint

14 Nebraska Complaint

22-1 Council Bluffs MSJ

35-1 NIGC Cross MSJ

49 Ponca Amicus Brief

50 Council Bluffs Reply

53 NIGC Reply

55 DCT Order

I know it’s complicated. For the most part, the court’s decision favors Ponca and NIGC….

Motion for Reconsideration in Nebraska v. DOI et al.

As Indianz reported, the United States has moved the Southern District of Iowa to reconsider its decision reversing the government’s (specifically, NIGC) determination that the Ponca Tribe could game on its Carter Lake parcel. Here is the motion: