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Transfer to Tribal Court Case from Colorado [ICWA]

Here is a case that continues to demonstrate the importance of ensuring a state ICWA law allows transfer of cases post-termination. Navajo Nation intervened and appealed the decision to deny transfer (and to move the children back to the former, … Continue reading

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Grandparent Standing Case in Arizona Court of Appeals

Here. While the Court of Appeals found that the grandmother didn’t have standing and properly dismissed the case, opinion notes the Tribal Court had already been exercising jurisdiction over the child in a concurrent child custody matter.

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Tribal Standing Issue in California Court of Appeals ICWA Decision

Here Mother next contends the juvenile court’s order granting the Tribe’s petitions for modification, and giving full faith and credit to an amended tribal customary adoption order, must be reversed because the Tribe did not have standing to file section … Continue reading

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Bolivia in the process of passing a law that will give the Earth legal rights

The law was drafted by a group that includes the country’s 36 indigenous peoples. It is expected to pass and become law. More here.

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Campbell v. British Columbia: Costs Awarded To Crown and Sunshine Logging

There’s no legal sunshine for the unsuccessful aboriginal petitioners (Sinixt Nation Society, Representative Body of the Sinixt Nation) who were not only deemed to have no standing back in February, but now the B.C Supreme Court has also awarded costs to … Continue reading

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