Andrew Cohen on Baby Veronica in The Atlantic

A powerful read. Update — We’ll keep this on the front page of Turtle Talk for a few days.


An excerpt:

The United States Supreme Court next Tuesday hears argument in a head-spinning case that blends the rank bigotry of the nation’s past with the glib sophistry of the country’s present. The case is about a little girl and a Nation, a family and a People. The question at the center of it has been asked (and answered) over and over again on this blessed continent for the past 400 years: Is the law of the land going to preclude or permit yet another attempt to take something precious away from an Indian?

Update: Kate Fort’s post on the case here on the Faculty Lounge.

Adoptive Couple v. Baby Girl/Cherokee Nation Oral Argument Time Splits

From today’s SCT order:

Upon consideration of the motions for leave participate in oral argument as amicus curiae and the motions for divided argument, the time is to be divided as follows: 20 minutes for petitioners, 10 minutes for respondent Guardian ad Litem, 20 minutes for respondent Birth Father, and 10 minutes for the Solicitor General.

Presumably that means:

20 minutes for petitioners — Lisa Blatt

10 minutes for respondent Guardian ad Litem — Paul Clement

20 minutes for respondent Birth Father — Charles Rothfield

10 minutes for the Solicitor General.

Another monster Indian law argument before the Supremes.


KG Urban Reply Brief in First Circuit Appeal


KG Urban Reply Brief

State of Massachusetts Brief (and Supporting Amicus) in KG Urban v. Patrick (1st Circuit)


Massachusetts Brief

Suffolk Indian Law Clinic Amicus Brief

Prior materials here.

Opening Brief in KG Urban v. Patrick (Mass. State Gaming Case)


KG Urban Motion to Expedite CA1 Appeal

Mass Response to Motion to Expedite

KG Urban Opening CA1 Brief

Lower court materials are here and here and here.

News coverage here, h/t Pechanga.

Materials in KG Urban Enterprises LLC v. Patrick: Federal Court Challenge Brought against Mass. Gaming Law (Tribal Provision) — UPDATED

Here are the materials:

KG Urban Complaint

2 KG v Patrick PI motion

9 KG v Patrick PI memo

Mass Opposition to Motion for PI

15 KG v Patrick answer

16B KG v Patrick PI resp memo

17 KG v Patrick Salinger aff