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Grandparent Standing Case in Arizona Court of Appeals

Here. While the Court of Appeals found that the grandmother didn’t have standing and properly dismissed the case, opinion notes the Tribal Court had already been exercising jurisdiction over the child in a concurrent child custody matter.

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Spurr v. Pope Decision in WD Michigan [Tribal Court Jurisdiction to Issue PPO]

33_Opinion and Order Briefing here: 21 Motion for PI 22 Response 23 Reply 26 DCT Briefing Order 30 Motion to Dismiss 31 Response 32 Reply

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Child Welfare Jurisdiction Case out of Utah

Here The child welfare case did not fall under ICWA because the child was not as a member or eligible for membership in the tribe, so the Court used the UCCJEA to determine jurisdiction.

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South Dakota Supreme Court Overturns Denial of Transfer to Tribal Court

Here. We agree that the court’s denial of the request to transfer was improper. It is undisputed that the circuit court refused to hold a separate evidentiary hearing on the question of good cause. And the court’s commentary on the … Continue reading

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Washington to Retrocede PL 280 Jurisdiction over Yakama Reservation


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Florida Appeals Court Strips Miccosukee Tribal Court of Jurisdiction in UCCJEA Matter

Here is the opinion in Billie v. Stier: Fla Ct App Opinion An excerpt: This Petition for a Writ of Prohibition evolves out of a custody dispute between the mother, who is a member of the Miccosukee Tribe of Indians, … Continue reading

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Order and Judgment in CDST Gaming v. Comanche Nation

Order here. Accordingly, treating the tribal court papers filed by Comanche Nation and the tribal court papers of the Comanche Nation partially adopted by the Federal Defendants, as motions for summary judgment under Rule 56, Fed. R. Civ. P. (doc. … Continue reading

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White Earth Requests Concurrent Federal Jurisdiction Under Tribal Law & Order Act

Here’s the news article.

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News on the Northern Arapaho’s suit regarding state taxation & reservation boundaries

The suit was dismissed at the district court level because of the Northern Arapaho’s inability to join the Eastern Shoshone Tribe, which shares the reservation, and the Northern Arapaho Tribe has appealed. Our previous coverage is here. Here‘s a news … Continue reading

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Supreme Court reverses lower Plains Commerce Bank decision

We’ll post the opinion as soon as it’s available. From SCOTUS blog: The Court has released the opinion in Plains Commerce v. Long Family Land and Cattle (07-411), on whether Indian tribal courts have authority to decide civil lawsuits involving … Continue reading

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