Federal Court Filings to Stop State Prosecution of Sault Tribe Members for Treaty Fishing Violations

As usual, Friday is the most exciting time of the week for Indian law events.

Here are the materials in the most recent proceedings in United States v. Michigan, an effort to enjoin State v. Jensen in Delta County court (John Petoskey doing the heavy lifting in state court for Jensen and Bruce Greene in federal court for the Sault Tribe):

Doc. No. 1819 (Motion for Relief)

Doc. No. 1820 Memo in Support of Motion for Relief

Doc. No. 1820-1 (Exh A-E)

Doc. No. 1820-2 (Exh F-H)

Doc. No. 1820-3 (Certif of Compliance with 2000 Consent Decree

Doc. No. 1821 (Motion to Expedite)