Sixth Circuit Affirms Dismissal of Oklahoma Ottawa Treaty Claims — Declines to Apply Laches

Here is the Sixth Circuit’s opinion in Ottawa Tribe of Oklahoma v. Logan — Ottawa Tribe of Oklahoma v Ohio DNR.

The lower court had made its primary holding that the Ottawa Tribe’s treaty claims were barred by laches, as in Sherrill and Cayuga. But consistent with an amicus brief filed by NCAI and Michigan tribes, the Court declined to apply laches, instead relying upon an interpretation of the relevant treaties.

Lower court materials here and here and here and here.

Ottawa Tribe v. Ohio Dept. Natural Resources Treaty Rights Claim Rejected

Here is the opinion (H/T Indianz). Here is the link to the materials we placed on the blog in December.

Ottawa Tribe of Oklahoma v. Speck Materials

Here are materials relating to the Ottawa Tribe of Oklahoma’s attempts to establish hunting and fishing rights to their aboriginal homelands in Ohio.

District Court Opinion Denying Ohio’s Motion to Dismiss

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