Ottawa Tribe v. Ohio Dept. Natural Resources Treaty Rights Claim Rejected

Here is the opinion (H/T Indianz). Here is the link to the materials we placed on the blog in December.

Freedmen Claim Against United States Dismissed (Fed. Cl.)

The case is Harvest Institute Freedmen Federation v. United States. The court dismissed the claim under FRCP 12(b)(1) — failure to state a claim — but not on the government’s statute of limitations claim. Here are the materials:

1866 Freedmen Agreement

US Motion to Dismiss

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Ottawa Tribe of Oklahoma v. Speck Materials

Here are materials relating to the Ottawa Tribe of Oklahoma’s attempts to establish hunting and fishing rights to their aboriginal homelands in Ohio.

District Court Opinion Denying Ohio’s Motion to Dismiss

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Inland Settlement Letters to the Editor (Detroit News)

From Indianz:

Readers of The Detroit News support a treaty rights settlement between the state of Michigan and five tribes.

Alex Hess: “In my opinion it is important that we honor the Native Americans because this originally is their land..”

Isaac C. Griffin: “The land is a Native American reservation and it should remain that way.”

Garrison Warr: “Even though 171 years have passed, it does not mean that these sports fishermen and the charter boat operators have the right to break the treaty that was made with the Indians, and do what they please with property which does not belong to them.”

Mike Stankiewicz: “Instead of bossing around the Native Americans even more, I feel we should respect the fact that their ancestors lived on this ground for many years before the white man came along.”

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Indians deserve support in fishing dispute (The Detroit News 11/20)

Inland Treaty Rights on Interlochen Public Radio

Interlochen Public Radio has been filing stories on the ongoing story of Inland treaty rights.

Here’s the first report, from September: Sept 9, 2007

IPR interviewed a DNR spokesperson, Frank Ettawageshik (LTBB), and Hank Bailey (GTB).

Here’s a report on the Traverse City DNR Meeting: Oct 19, 2007

IPR recorded comments from the Harris brothers, who believe they somehow have no rights, rights they allege are guaranteed to them by virtue of being “white men.” IPR also interviewed Suzanne McSauby (GTB), Derek Bailey (GTB), and Kelly Smith (DNR), who had a more balanced view.