Oklahoma District Court Dismisses Criminal Charges against Indian Defendant for Crimes Committed on Peoria and Ottawa Reservations

Here are the materials in State of Oklahoma v. Brester (Ottawa Co. Dist. Ct.):

Ottawa and Miami Tribes Amicus Brief

Peoria Tribe Amicus Brief

Second Amended Motion to Dismiss

State Response

Reply [only 1 page available]

District Court Order

Oklahoma Ottawas Get Tuition Deal with Kansas Ottawa University

Ah, finally some justice resulting from the Ottawa University land fraud (book link)….

From Indianz:

Members of the Ottawa Tribe of Oklahoma will get free tuition, room and board at Ottawa University in Kansas under an agreement finalized last week.

The tribe gave 20,000 acres for the school nearly 150 years ago. In return, the school promised to educate tribal members. “We believe that expanding this agreement is in keeping with the Ottawa spirit and honors the heritage of this institution and its relationship with the Ottawa Tribe,” university president Kevin C. Eichner told The Kansas City Star.

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Ottawa Indian Tribe members to get free tuition at Ottawa University (The Kansas City Star 10/22)

Ottawa Tribe v. Ohio Dept. Natural Resources Treaty Rights Claim Rejected

Here is the opinion (H/T Indianz). Here is the link to the materials we placed on the blog in December.

Ottawa Tribe of Oklahoma v. Speck Materials

Here are materials relating to the Ottawa Tribe of Oklahoma’s attempts to establish hunting and fishing rights to their aboriginal homelands in Ohio.

District Court Opinion Denying Ohio’s Motion to Dismiss

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