Sklallam Tribes’ Cert Petition over Lummi Nation U&A [U.S. v. Washington subproceeding 11-02]

Here is the petition in Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe v. Lummi Nation:

Question presented:

The question presented is whether the Ninth Circuit—in conflict with decisions of this Court and other courts—properly abrogated the long-settled and original understanding of a central treaty term, without any legal or factual basis for doing so, and while redefining the boundary of a major body of water to accommodate its novel treaty interpretation.

Lower court materials here.

Upper Skagit Tribe Prevails over Suquamish Tribe in U&A Subproceeding

Here are the materials in United States v. Washington (W.D. Wash., subproceeding 14-01):

37 Suquamish Motion for Summary J

38 Upper Skagit Motion for Summary J

44 Interested Parties Response

45 Upper Skagit Response

47 Suquamish Response

54 Upper Skagit Reply

56 Suquamish Reply

62 DCT Order