D.C. Circuit Affirms Amador County Cannot Challenge IGRA ‘Reservation’ Status of Buena Vista Rancheria

Here is the unpublished opinion in Amador County v. Dept. of Interior:

CADC Unpublished Opinion

Here are the briefs.

D.C. Circuit Briefs in Amador County v. Dept. of Interior


Amador County Opening Brief

DOI Answer Brief


Lower court materials in Amador County v. Jewell (D.D.C.):

76-1 Amador County Motion

77 US Motion

81 Amador County Response

83 US Reply

84 DCT Order

D.C. Circuit Rejects Bid by Buena Vista Rancheria to Intervene in Challenge to Trust Acquisition

Here is the opinion in Amador County v. Dept. of Interior.

An excerpt:

In 2005, Amador County, California brought suit against the Department of Interior challenging the Secretary’s approval of a gaming compact between the Buena Vista Rancheria of Me-Wuk Indians (the “Tribe”) and the State of California. After nearly six-and-a-half years of litigation, the Tribe sought to intervene for the limited purpose of moving to dismiss the amended complaint under Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 19. The district court denied the motion as untimely, and this appeal followed. Because we conclude that the district court did not abuse its discretion, we affirm.

Briefs and lower court materials here.

D.C. Circuit Briefs in Amador County v. Dept. of Interior (Amador II) — Buena Vista Rancheria Motion to Intervene


Buena Vista Opening Brief

Amador County Brief

Buena Vista Reply Brief

DOI Letter

UPDATE: oral argument audio here.

Lower court materials:

59-1 Buena Vista Rancheria Motion to Intervene

61 Amador County Opposition

62 Buena Vista Reply

65 DCT Order Denying Motion to Intervene

Materials in related cases:

Materials in Amador I.

Materials in Friends of Amador County v. Jewell.