Update in Suit against Interior Arising from Lower Brule Sioux Loan Guarantee Debacle

Here are new pleadings in Great American Life Insurance Company v. United States Department of the Interior (S.D. Ohio):

22 Answer

28 Great American MSJ

33 Interior Opposition

36 Reply

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Federal Court Reverses IBIA Decisions on Leasing Consents

Here are the materials in Western Refining Southwest Inc. v. Dept. of the Interior (D.N.M.):

1 Complaint

1-1 2016 IBIA Decision

1-2 2013 IBIA Decision

16 Intervenors Rule 19 Motion to Dismiss

26 Western Refinery Response

27 Reply

28 DCT Order

29 Intervenors Rule 12 Motion to Dismiss

30 Interior Response

31 Western Refinery Response

32 DCT Order

44 Western Refinery Brief

45 Interior Response Brief

46 Reply

51 DCT Order

Cayuga Nation Prevails over Village in Gaming Case

Here is the opinion in Cayuga Nation v. Tanner (N.D. N.Y.):


Briefs here.

Update in Cayuga Nation Gaming Dispute with Village of Union Springs

Here are updated pleadings in Cayuga Nation v. Tanner (N.D. N.Y.):










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Most Claims against Interior Arising from Lower Brule Sioux Loan Guarantee Debacle are Dismissed

Here are the materials in Great American Life Insurance Company v. United States Department of the Interior (S.D. Ohio):

1 Complaint

10 Interior Motion to Dismiss

10-2 IBIA Ruling

15 Response

17 Reply

18 Notice of Additional Authority

18-1 Summary of OIG Report

20 DCT Order

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Human Rights Watch previously published a report on the doings at Lower Brule, here.

Federal Court Affirms BIA Recognition Decision in Cayuga Nation Leadership Dispute

Here are the materials in Cayuga Nation v. Bernhardt (D.D.C.):

47 Plaintiff Cayuga MSJ

50-1 Defendant Cayuga MSJ

51 Federal MSJ

57 Plaintiff Cayuga Reply

59 Reformatted Plaintiff Cayuga MSJ

63 Defendant Cayuga Reply

64 Federal Reply

72 DCT Order

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Nooksack: Three New Disenrollment-Related Lawsuits

Doucette v. Zinke (W.D. Wash):


Belmont v. BIA Acting Northwest Regional Director (IBIA):
Tageant v. Smith (Wash. Sup. Ct.):

Nooksack: Federal Court Stays RICO Suit; IBIA Dismisses First IHS Reassumption Appeal

Here are materials in Rabang v. Kelly (W.D. Wash.):

6 – defendant-appellants’ opening brief

11 – plaintiff-appellees’ answering brief

124 non-parties nooksack tribe and certain tribal employees’ motion to quash non-party subpoenas

125 defendants kelly, cante and armstrong’s motion to strike notices of deposition and for protective order

127 plaintiffs’ response to defendants kelly, cante, armstrong’s motion to strike and non-party witnesses and nooksack tribe’s motion to quash

130 order

Here are materials in Nooksack Indian Tribe v. Director (IBIA):

3-28-17 nooksack v. ihs (ibia) motion of 271 nooksack members to intervene

4-19-17 nooksack v. ihs (ibia) nooksack indian tribe’s response in opposition to motion to intervene

6-30-17 nooksack v. ihs (ibia) order granting motion to intervene

10-4-17 nooksack v. ihs (ibia) joint status report

10-12-17 nooksack v. ihs (ibia) intervenor 271 nooksack tribal members’ status report

10-17-17 nooksack v. ihs (ibia) dismissal order