Updated Materials in Eagle Bear v. Blackfeet Cancelled Lease Dispute [now in bankruptcy]

Here are the materials in Eagle Bear Inc. v. Blackfeet Indian Nation (D. Mont.) (No. 22-93):

4 Second Amended Complaint

23 Eagle Bear MSJ


28 Blackfeet MSJ

44 Independence Bank MSJ

48 Eagle Bear Response to BIA Motion

50 Eagle Bear Response to Blackfeet

52 Blackfeet Response to BIA

54 Blackfeet Response to Eagle Bear

56 Independence Bank Response to Blackfeet

59 Blackfeet Motion to Dismiss Count 2 of Bank Complaint

62 Blackfeet Response to Independence Bank

65 Blackfeet MSJ re Bank Count 1

68 Eagle Bear Reply in support of 23

69 BIA Reply in support of 25

70 Independence Bank Response to 59

71 Independence Bank Reply in support of 44

74 Independence Bank Response to 65

79 Blackfeet Reply in support of 65

82 BIA Motion to Dismiss Bank Complaint

84 Independence Bank Response to 82

86 BIA Reply in support of 82

93 Eagle Bear Motion to Conduct Further Discovery

97 Blackfeet Response to 93

98 DCT Order Granting Motion for Discovery

100 Eagle Bear Motion for Additional Discovery Time

101 Blackfeet Response to 100

102 Eagle Reply in support of 100

104 DCT Order Granting More Discovery Time

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Minnesota Court of Appeals Dismisses Defamation Claim against Tribal Treasurer

Here is the opinion in Oberloh v. Johnson, a case arising out of the Lower Sioux Indian Community. An excerpt:

In this consolidated appeal arising out of two defamation suits against a tribal treasurer, appellant argues that the district court erred by denying summary judgment with respect to his sovereign immunity and absolute privilege defenses. Because appellant is entitled to invoke sovereign immunity for conduct arising out of his official authority as tribal treasurer, we reverse.