Fifth Circuit Agains Rejects Ysleta del Sur Pueblo Gaming Effort

Here is the opinion in State of Texas v. Ysleta del Sur Pueblo.


Pueblo Brief

Alabama-Coushatta Tribe Amicus Brief

Texas Brief


Lower court materials here and here.

Ysleta del Sur Pueblo Land Claims Materials

Here are the materials in Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo v. City of El Paso (W.D. Tex.):

1 Complaint

13 Motion to Dismiss

14 Response

19 DCT Order

56 City Motion for Summary J

57 Tribe Motion for Summary J

58 City Response

60 Tribe Response

62 Tribe Reply

64 City Reply

94 DCT Order

96 DCT Order Amending 94

Federal Court Materials in MHA Nation Allottees Trespass Suit against Oil and Gas Companies

Here are the materials so far in Hall v. Tesoro High Plains Gas Co. LLC (D.N.D.):





Here are materials in a related case, Chase v. Andeavor Logistics LP (W.D. Tex.):

22 Motion to Transfer

25 Memo in Support

28 Amended Complaint

40 Response to Motion to Transfer

57 Reply

67 DCT Order Granting Motion to Transfer

Texas Federal Court Grants Texas/AG Summary Judgment against Ysleta del Sur Pueblo Counterclaims

Here are updated materials in State of Texas v. Ysleta del Sur Pueblo (W.D. Tex.):

83 Tribe Motion to Dismiss First Amended Complaint

86 Texas Response

87 Answer + Counterclaims

90 Reply

97 Texas Motion to Dismiss Counterclaims

98 Tribe Response

99 Reply

115 DCT Order

121 First Amended Counterclaims

146 Texas Motion for Summary Judgment

147 Texas AG Motion for Summary Judgment

153 Tribe Response to Texas AG

154 Tribe Response to Texas

157 Texas Reply

158 Texas AG Reply

176 DCT Order on MSJ re Counterclaims

Texas Federal Court Refuses to Enjoin Ysleta del Sur Pueblo Bingo

Here are the materials in State of Texas v. Ysleta del Sur Pueblo (W.D. Tex.):

9 texas motion for pi

17 tribe response

18 reply

54 tribe supplemental memo re cause of action

59 texas supplemental brief

64 magistrate report

67 tribe objection

68 texas objections

77 dct order

Favorable Settlement in Native American Church of North American v. TSA

Here are the materials in the matter of Native American Church of North America et al v. TSA et al, 17-cv-00108 (W.D. Texas January 26, 2018):

Federal Court Refuses to Lift Injunction against Ysleta del Sur Pueblo Gaming, but Ends Continuing Jurisdiction

Here are the materials in State of Texas v. Ysleta del Sur Pueblo (W.D. Tex.):

531 Pueblo Motions

538 Texas Response

591 Pueblo Reply

592 Alabama Coushatta Tribe Amicus Brief

600 Pueblo Response to American Legion Amicus Brief

608 DCT order