Robison on Tribal-Federal Cooperative Management of the Grand Canyon

Jason Robison has posted “Indigenizing Grand Canyon,” forthcoming in the Utah Law Review, on SSRN.

Here is the abstract:

The magical place commonly called the “Grand Canyon” is Native space. Eleven tribes hold traditional connections to the canyon according to the National Park Service. This Article is about relationships between these tribes and the agency—past, present, and future. Grand Canyon National Park’s 2019 centennial afforded a valuable opportunity to reflect on these relationships and to envision what they might become. A reconception of the relationships has begun in recent decades that reflects a shift across the National Park System as a whole. This reconception should continue. Drawing on the tribal vision for Bears Ears National Monument, this Article advocates for Grand Canyon tribes and the Park Service to consider forming a Grand Canyon Commission for cooperative management of Grand Canyon National Park. Establishing this Commission would mark the vanguard of the relational reconception, and, in this precise sense, the Commission would lay a foundation for “indigenizing” Grand Canyon.

National Mining Assn v. Zinke Cert Petition [Grand Canyon Uranium Mining]


NMA Petition

Question presented:

Can Congress’s delegation to the Department of the Interior of withdrawal authority over large tracts of land survive without the legislative veto right that Congress included as a check on the exercise of that authority?

Lower court materials here.


Cert Opp

Ninth Circuit Briefs in Challenge to Interior Withdrawal of Grand Canyon Lands from Uranium Mining

Here are the opening briefs in National Mining Assn. v. Jewell:

16 – Open Brief – no Addendum (Quaterra)

18 – Open Brief & Addendum (NMA)

20 – Open Brief (AEMA)

29 – Utah, AZ, NV, MT – Amicus in Favor of Reversal

Yount 9th Circuit Informal Appeal 

US Brief

Tribal Amicus

Navajo Amicus

Intervenors Response Brief 

Lower court order here; briefs here. Other materials here.

Federal Court Affirms Interior Withdrawal of Grand Canyon Lands from Uranium Mining

Here is the order in Yount v. Jewell (D. Ariz.):

Doc 238 SJ Order in Yount v Jewell 9-30-14

Briefs here. Other materials here.

Oral Argument Scheduled in Yount v. Jewell — Challenge to Secretarial Withdrawal of Lands Around Grand Canyon on Establishment Grounds

Here is the order in Yount v. Jewell (D. Ariz.):

227 Oral Argument Order

Briefs here. Prior post here.



Briefs in Mining Company Challenge to Interior Withdrawal of Lands at Grand Canyon related to Indian Sacred Sites

Here are the briefs (so far) in Yount v. Jewell (D. Ariz.):

Northwest Mining Yount Summ Jment Memo Statement of Facts (Dec 6 2013)

Quaterra Counties Summ Jment Memo Statement of Facts (Dec 6 2013)

Our prior post is here.