SCOTUS Denies Cert in Jamul Action Committee v. Simermeyer

Here is today’s order list.

Here are the cert stage materials.

Jamul Action Committee v. Simermeyer Cert Petition


Jamul Pet2

Questions presented:

1. Whether, in 1994, Congress eliminated the distinction between “historic tribes” and “created tribes” and, thereby, eliminated the requirement that a tribe must have pre-existed the United States to have tribal immunity
2. Whether the JIV, which became a quarter-blood Indian group in 1996, is a federally recognized tribe, with tribal immunity, by virtue of the fact that it is still on the list of “Indian tribal entities” eligible to receive BIA services.

Lower court materials here.

Federal Court Dismisses Suit by Group of Jamul Indian Village Descendants, Issues Show Cause Order on Sanctions

Here are the materials in Rosales v. United States (E.D. Cal.):

1 Complaint

7 Notice of Related Cases

8 Objections to 7

19-1 Motion to Dismiss

22 Opposition

26 Reply

28 DCT Order

Posts on prior cases are here and here.

Ninth Circuit Rejects Challenge to Jamul Indian Village Gaming Ops

Here is the opinion in Jamul Action Committee v. Simermeyer.

Briefs here.

Federal Court Dismisses Effort to Shut Down Indian Casino Project Allegedly Built on Indian Cemetery

Here are the materials in Rosales v. Dutschke (E.D. Cal.):

62-1 Tribally Related Defendants Motion to Dismiss

63-1 Federal Defendants Motion to Dismiss

74 Response to Federal Motion

75 Response to Tribal Motion

80 Federal Reply

84 Tribal Reply

98 DCT Order

Ninth Circuit Briefs in Jamul Action Committee Appeal

Here are the briefs (so far) in Jamul Action Committee v. [Chaudhuri]:

Jamul Action Committee Opening Brief

Federal Answer Brief

Tribe Answer Brief


Lower court materials here.