Washington has Petitioned for Rehearing/Rehearing En Banc in the Culverts Case


Previous coverage of the 9th Circuit panel decision is here.

UPDATE (8/23/16):

119-Idaho-Montana Amicus

121-Amicus filed

122-1-Amici motion from Klamath basin

122-2-Klamath basin amici brief

UPDATE (5/19/17):

Tribal Response

US Response

Complaint in Automotive United Trades Org. v. Friends of Bob Ferguson

In this case, Automotive United Trades Organization seeks to prohibit political campaigns from accepting contributions from tribes on the theory that those contributions represent public monies and are therefore illegal under Washington law. The complaint is here.

The 9th Circuit has affirmed the Culverts decision & the treaty habitat right in W. Wash.

Download opinion in U.S. v. Washington (9th Cir. Jun 27, 2016) here.

The decision is unanimous. Congratulations to all who worked on it through the years and first and foremost to the Tribes who brought it.

Previous coverage and briefs here.