Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes’ Corporation Brings Contract Breach Action

Here is the complaint in Sxʷnq̓ʔels l Suw̓ečm / Ksukⱡiⱡmumaⱡ ʾA·kጦaⱡmukwaʾits d/b/a Energy Keepers Inc. v. Hyperblock LLC (D. Mont.):

6 Amended Complaint

Amerind Risk Management Corp. v. Blackfeet Housing — Complaint to Compel Arbitration

Here is the complaint in Amerind Risk Management Corp. v. Blackfeet Housing (D. N.M.):

1 Complaint



Voluntary Dismissal Order in Begay v. Begay


AZ Dist Ct Notice of Voluntary Dismissal

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Federal Court Denies TRO in Begay v. Begay


28 NNOGC-Begay-DKT-0028-000 ME Order Denying TRO

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Update in Begay v Begay


17 NNOGC Motion for Leave to File Amicus Brief

17-1 NNOGC Amicus Brief

17-2 Exhibits A-D

17-3 Exhibits E-O

17-4 Exhibits P-T

19 Navajo Nation Motion to Intervene

20 Navajo Nation Motion to Dismiss

21 NNOGC-Begay-DKT-0021-000 Defs Response in Opp to Plfs App for TRO and OSC-Filed 7-2-14

21-1 NNOGC-Begay-DKT-0021-001 Exh A-C to Defs Response in Opp to Plfs App for TRO and OSC-Filed 7-2-14

Complaint and motion for TRO posted here.


Complaint Filed re: Control of Navajo Nation Oil & Gas Company — UPDATED

UPDATE — Navajo Nation Judicial Branch press release:

NN Judicial Branch Press Release

And a clean copy of the Navajo Nation Supreme Court decision:

NNSC Opinion

Here are the materials so far in Begay v. Begay (D. Ariz.):

1 Complaint

An excerpt:

This is an action for declaratory and injunctive relief arising out of a Navajo Supreme Court decision that violates due process and vitiates a federally issued and approved corporate charter providing for shareholder governance of a corporation formed under federal law.

1-1 Exhibit

3 Plaintiffs Motion for TRO

3-1 Exhibits [NNSC Opinion in Navajo Nation Oil & Gas Company v. Window Rock District Court begins at page 139]

4 Motion for Order to Show Cause

Tenth Circuit Rejects Uinta Allottees Petition for Section 17 Corporate Charter

Here are the materials in Gardner v. Jewell:

Gardner Opening Brief

Interior Answer Brief

Gardner Reply

CA10 Unpublished Opinion

Blue Lake Rancheria Business Entity Sued by Washington Insurance Commissioner

Here is the complaint in Kriedler v. Mainstay Business Solutions (W.D. Wash.):

Kriedler Complaint

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Sixth Circuit to Decide Tribal Enterprise Immunity Case — UPDATED!

The case is Memphis Biofuels v. Chickasaw Nation Industries, being appealed to the Sixth Circuit from the Western District of Tennessee. The case involves the assertion by CNI, a Section 17 corporation, that it is entitled to sovereign immunity, and that there is no federal subject matter jurisdiction over this contract claim against it. The lower court granted CNI’s motion to dismiss and Memphis Biofuels has appealed to the Sixth Circuit.

Here are the lower court materials:








Sixth Circuit materials:

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