Federal Court Refuses to Disturb Default Judgment in Newtok Village Leadership Dispute

Here are the materials in Newtok Village v. Patrick (D. Alaska):

65 Motion to Set Aside Default Judgment

69 Response

70 Reply

71 DCT Order

Prior post here.

Update (3/28/21):

73 Motion for Attorney Fees

74 Opposition

75 Reply

76 DCT Order Granting Motion for Atty Fees

Federal Court Denies Sanctions Request in Dismissed Intra-Tribal Leadership Dispute

Here are the materials in Tribal Council of the Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes of Oklahoma v. Foster (W.D. Okla.):

1 Complaint

9 Notice of Voluntary Dismissal

13 Motion for Sanctions

13-5 Wilkinson v Hamilton Tribal Court Opinion

13-30 Hamilton v Election Commission Tribal Court Opinion

16 Notice of Voluntary Dismissal

17 Response to Motion for Sanctions

18 Reply

20 DCt Order

Federal Court Affirms BIA Recognition Decision in Cayuga Nation Leadership Dispute

Here are the materials in Cayuga Nation v. Bernhardt (D.D.C.):

47 Plaintiff Cayuga MSJ

50-1 Defendant Cayuga MSJ

51 Federal MSJ

57 Plaintiff Cayuga Reply

59 Reformatted Plaintiff Cayuga MSJ

63 Defendant Cayuga Reply

64 Federal Reply

72 DCT Order

Prior posts in Cayuga Nation v. Zinke here. IBIA decision here.

Federal Court Rules Against Burley Faction in California Miwok Dispute

Here are the materials in California Valley Miwok Tribe v. Zinke (E.D. Cal.):

44-1 Burley Motion for Summary J

46 US Cross-Motion

47 Dixie Cross-Motion

48 Burley Response

50 US Response

51 Dixie Response

53 Burley Reply

56 US Reply

57 Dixie Reply

60 DCT Order

Federal Court Declines to Stay Enforcement of BIA Ruling in Calif. Miwok Membership/Leadership Dispute

Here are the materials in California Miwok Tribe v. Jewell (E.D. Cal.):

10 Motion to Stay

20 Tribe Opposition

33 Reply to 20

34 US Opposition

35 Reply to 34

37 DCT Order