Coverage of Day One of Wisconsin Chippewa Tribes Night Deer Hunting Trial

Story is here. The trial is scheduled to last a week.

Previous coverage (and links to other related material) is here.

Judge Crabb Denies Wisconsin Tribes’ Motion to Allow Night Deer Hunting



Briefs, news coverage, etc. is here, here, here, and here.

Wisconsin Chippewa Tribes Wait to Hear Night Deer Hunting Ruling


Materials here and here.

Wisconsin Night Deer Hunt Hearing to Continue Thursday



Wisconsin’s Brief and Motion to Strike

Tribes’ Response Brief

Tribes’ Response to Motion to Strike

Previous material is here.

Wisconsin Night Deer Hunting Hearing Set for December 12

The evidentiary hearing on the Wisconsin Tribes’ preliminary injunction motion is set for 12/12/12. Stories are here and here.

Previous post containing the legal documents is here.

Wisconsin Tribes Seek to Enforce Treaty Rights in Night Deer Hunt

News coverage is here and here.

State Motion to Enforce Prohibition on Shining Deer

State Brief in Support of Motion

State Proposed Order

LDF Motion for Preliminary and Permanent Injunction

LDF Preliminary Injunction Memorandum

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“Reservations Rebuffed” — Article on Off Rez Gaming Policy

From CQ Politics:

Tribal casinos, which have bulked into a multibillion-dollar industry since Congress first gave them its blessing two decades ago, now possess all sorts of economic and political clout — but not enough, it seems, for them to go off the reservation.

American Indians marooned on reservations far from population centers have long pressed the Interior Department to grant them the authority to launch gambling operations closer to where the people willing to risk their money live — and rake in the sort of revenues that the more fortuitously situated tribes have enjoyed.

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St. Croix Chippewa Fee to Trust Litigation Update

St. Croix Band of Chippewa lost a motion for a preliminary injunction in their attempt to avoid the new off-reservation gaming rules [see here for Bryan Newland’s analysis of the new rules].

Here are the materials:

Motion for TRO or Preliminary Injunction

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St. Croix & Bad River Chippewa Trust Acquisition Lawsuit Materials

On December 7, 2007, the St Croix Tribe of Chippewa filed a suit against Dirk Kempthorne and Carl Artman. The Tribe has been working with the Bad River Chippewa and the City of Beloit (Wisconsin) to develop a casino in the city (which is not located within either Tribe’s reservation). The suit alleges that DOI has reversed its procedure of applying the two-step IGRA section 20 determination before the 25 CFR Part 151 determination. The Tribe claims that seeking the Part 151 determination first will be futile because of Secretary Kempthorne’s personal views on off-reservation gaming. The Tribes have already spent a great deal of time and money in developing the plan, meeting the requirements of the various applicable environmental laws, et cetera.

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St. Croix Chippewa Gaming & Trust Lands Suit

From Indianz [complaint and motion for TRO at the bottom of the post]:

Wisconsin tribe sues BIA over off-reservation gaming

Monday, December 10, 2007

A Wisconsin tribe sued the Bush administration on Friday, accusing two political appointees of changing the land-into-trust process to block off-reservation casinos.

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