Federal Court Allows Class Action against Tribal Sovereign Lending of Habematolel Pomo of Upper Lake to Proceed

Here are the materials so far in Hengle v. Asner (E.D. Va.):

54 Amended Complaint

58 Asner Motion to Compel

60 Asner Motion to Dismiss

63 Tribal Officials Motion to Compel

65 Tribal Officials Motion to Dismiss

76 Tribe Amicus Brief

95 Response to 76

96 Response to 63

97 Response to 58

98 Response to 65

99 Response to 60

102 Amicus Brief of Tribal Amici Curiae

103 Reply in Support of 58

104 Reply in Support of 60

105 Reply in Support of 63

106 Reply in Support of 65

107 Response to 102

109 DCT Order

Summary Judgment Pleadings in Pinoleville Pomo Nation Gaming Dispute

Here are the materials in JW Gaming Development LLC v. James (N.D. Cal.):

129 Tribal Motion for Summary J

136 JW Gaming Cross Motion

146 Tribal Reply

147 JW Gaming Reply

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Ninth Circuit Confirms Pineoleville Pomo Nation’s Officials Face Potential Individual Liability under RICO

Here is the unpublished opinion in JW Gaming Development LLC v. James.

Materials here.

Late Summer Update in Williams & Cochrane v. Quechan & Rosette Litigation

Here are the new materials in Williams & Cochrane LLP v. Quechan Tribe of the Fort Yuma Reservation (S.D. Cal.):

216 DCT Order Dismissing W&C Reply Claim

217 DCT Order Dismissing Claims against Rosette

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UPDATE (12/16/19):

219-1 Motion for Reconsideration of 216

220 Fourth Amended Complaint

227 WC Motion for Judgment on Pleadings on Counterclaims

236 Quehan Response to 219

237 Reply in Support of 219

247 DCT Order Denying Motion for Reconsideration

Canadian First Nation’s Payday Lending Partners’ Convictions for RICO Violations in US Affirmed by Third Circuit

Here is the unpublished opinion in United States v. Neff:



Hallinan Brief

Neff Brief

US Brief

Neff Reply

Hallinan Reply

Pinoville Pomo Nation Petition to Ninth Circuit to Halt Discovery Pending Appeal Fails

Here is the unpublished opinion in In re Pinoville Pomo Nation [Pinoville Gaming Authority v. United States District Court].

Here are the briefs:

Petition for Writ of Mandamus

Motion to Stay

Answer to Petition

Opposition to Motion for Stay


The appeal docs are here.

Ninth Circuit Materials in JW Gaming Development v. James [Pinoleville Pomo Nation]

Here are the briefs:




Lower court materials here.

Oral argument video:

Thanksgiving Update of Williams & Cochrane v. Quechan & Rosette Litigation [updated June 5, 2019]

Here are updated materials in Williams & Cochrane LLP v. Quechan Tribe of the Fort Yuma Reservation (S.D. Cal.):

138-1 W&C Motion to Dismiss Quechan Counterclaims [94]

148 W&C Response to Quechan MTD [115]

150 W&C Opposition to Rosette Motion to Strike [109]

151 W&C Opposition to Rosette MTD [110]

161 Rosette Reply in Support of 109

162 Quechan Reply in Support of 115

164 Quechan Response to 138

167 W&C Reply in Support of 94

172 DCT Order

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173 DCT Order Denying 138

174 Third Amended Complaint

184 Quechan Motion to Strike

185-1 Rosette Motion to Strike

190 W&C Response to Quechan

193 W&C Response to Rosette

194 Quechan Reply

198 Rosette Reply

207-1 W&C Motion for Summary Judgment

Federal Court Dismisses Tort Claim against Crow Health Care Center

Here are the materials in Wilhite v. Awe Kualawaache Care Center (D. Mont.):

29 Motion to Dismiss – sovereign immunity

30 Response

33 Reply

35 Motion to Dismiss – FTCA

38 Response

39 DCT Order

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Federal Court Allows Civil RICO Suit to Proceed against Crow Nation-Owned Health Facility

Here are the materials in Wilhite v. Awe Kualawaache Care Center (D. Mont.):

13 Motion to Dismiss

15 Response

17 Reply

18 DCT Order