Federal Court Dismisses Tort Action against Snoqualmie Casino

Here are the materials in Cadet v. Snoqualmie Casino (W.D. Wash.):

1-1 Complaint

9 Motion to Dismiss

11 Reply

12 Response

15 Order to Show Cause

16 Tribe Response

18 DCt Order

Federal Court Dismisses Slip and Fall Action against Fort Mojave Indian Tribe’s Casino Operations

Here are the materials in Ireson v. AVI Casino Enterprises (D. Nev.):

8 Motion to Dismiss

11 Response

16 Reply

21 DCT Order

Federal Court Dismisses Casino Patron Effort to Overrule Tribal Tort Claims Act Interpretation

Here are the materials in Wilson v. Umpqua Indian Development Corporation (D. Or.):

1 Complaint

1-7 Tribal Court Decision

15 Motion to Dismiss

Federal Court Dismisses Wrongful Death Action against Mississippi Choctaw

Here is the order in Payne v. Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians (S.D. Miss.):

16 DCT Order Granting Motion to Dismiss

Pleadings here.

Materials in Wrongful Death Action against Mississippi Choctaw

Here are the briefs in Payne v. Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians (S.D. Miss.):

12 Motion to Dismiss

15 Opposition

News coverage here.

California COA Affirms Tribal Immunity from Casino Employees’ Suit

Here is the opinion in Chavez v. Morongo Casino Resort & Spa:


Tort Claim against Quapaw Tribe and Casino Dismissed

Here are the materials in Martin v. Quapaw Tribe (N.D. Okla.):

9 Motion to Dismiss

9-1 Exhibit A

9-2 Exhibit B

9-3 Exhibit C

14 Response

16 Reply

20 DCT Amended Order Dismissing Complaint

Wrongful Death Action arising from Hot Pursuit against Warm Springs Police Dismissed

Here are the materials in Estate of Kalama v. Jefferson County (D. Or.):

DCT Order Adopting Recommendations

Magistrate Recommendations

Warm Springs Motion

Plainitffs’ Response

Warm Springs Reply

Bradley v. Tulalip Tribes: Dismissal of Tort Claim under Tribal Tort Claims Ordinance

Here are the materials from the Tulalip Tribal Court (miigwetch to M.T.):

Order of Dismissal

Summons and Complaint

Motion to Dismiss

Pltf’s Opp to Motion to Dismiss


Reply re Motion to Dismiss

Mot to Amend Complaint

Motion to Unseal File

Federal Court Dismisses Tort Claim against Chukchansi

Here is the opinion in Merrill v. Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians (E.D. Cal.):

DCT Order Dismissing Merrill Complaint

Chukchansi had waived its immunity in tribal court, but not in federal or state courts.