California Federal Court Rejects Challenge to Secretarial Procedures for Estom Yumeka Maidu Tribe of the Enterprise Rancheria

Here are the materials in Cal-PAC Rancho Cordova LLP v. Dept. of the Interior (E.D. Cal.):

SCOTUS Denies Cert in Club One Casino v. Haaland

Here is today’s order list.

Here are the cert stage briefs in Club One.

Club One Casino v. Bernhardt Cert Petition [North Fork Rancheria]

Here is the petition in Club One Casino Inc. v. Bernhardt:

Club One Petition for Writ of Certiorari


Lower court materials here and here.


Brief in Opposition


Ninth Circuit Rejects Two Challenges to North Fork Rancheria Gaming

Here is the opinion in Club One Casino, Inc. v. Bernhardt.

Briefs here.

And here is the opinion in Stand Up for California! v. Dept. of the Interior.

Briefs here.

Florida Seminole Tribe to Seek Compact through Secretarial Procedures

From the Orlando Sentinel:

After the Legislature voted down a proposed revenue-sharing deal Thursday, the Seminole Tribe will now turn to the federal government for authority to run its casinos that feature slots and blackjack, tribe attorney Barry Richard said in an interview.

Richard said that the tribe remains open to negotiate more with the Legislature, but “we’ve reached the conclusion that it’s time to begin looking at other options.”

“We made a vigorous effort to work this out,” he said. “We had two separate compacts with the governor. We made giant strides toward negotiation with the Legislature. It’s disappointing – the tribe can’t continue to wait forever.”

The tribe will enter a formal process known as “procedures,” in which it will ask the federal government for authorization to keep its blackjack tables open, even though there’s no compact in place to allow such table games. Continue reading