Federal Claims Court Dismiss Claims of Irrigators in Wapato Irrigation Project [near Yakama Nation]

Here are the materials in Olson v. United States (Fed. Cl.):

34 Amended Complaint

35 Motion to Dismiss

36 Response

40 Reply

46 US Supplemental Brief

47 Response

48 DCT Order

Cherokee Nation Prevails Against Insurance Company over Pandemic-Forced Business Shutdown

Here are the materials in Cherokee Nation v. Lexington Ins. Co. (Cherokee County Dist. Ct.):

2020-4-13 Petition

2020-08-11 Cherokee first MPSJ

2020-09-14 Arch Opposition Brief – OK MPSJ

2020-09-14 Aspen resp to MPSJ

2020-09-14 Evanston Supp Resp to MPSJ

2020-09-14 HALLMARK CHEROKEE – Hallmark Resp to MPSJ

2020-09-14 INSURERS Opp Cherokee’s MPSJ

2020-09-14 Landmark – Cherokee – Supp Opposition Brief – OK MSJ

2020-09-14 XL’s Opposition to Cherokee’s MPSJ [20-0914]

2020-11-20 Notice of Supp Authortiy (Western District)

2020-12-11 – Cherokee Reply to Arch- MSJ

2020-12-11 – Cherokee Reply to Aspen – MPSJ

2020-12-11 – Cherokee Reply to Evanston – MPSJ

2020-12-11 – Cherokee Reply to Hallmark – MPSJ

2020-12-11 – Cherokee Reply to Landmark – MPSJ

2020-12-11 – Cherokee Reply to Liberty Mutual – MPSJ

2020-12-11 – Cherokee Reply to XL Insurance America – MPSJ

2020-12-11 Cherokee Reply to Insurers MPSJ

2020-12-17 Cherokee – Liberty Mutual, Landmark, Arch Motion for Leave to file SurRely

2020-12-17 Insurers’ Ntc of Supplemental Authority

2021-01-06 Arch Sur-Reply to MPSJ

2021-01-06 Landmark Sur-Reply to MPSJ

2021-01-06 Liberty Mutual Sur-Replyto MPSJ

2021-01-14 Order – Granting Cherokee’s MPSJ

Amicus Briefs Supporting Petitioner in United States v. Cooley


19-1414 Amici SiouxTribes

19-1414 Amicus Brief of NationalIndigenousWomensResourceCenter

19-1414 Indian Law Scholars Cooley Brief

19-1414 tsac Former U.S. Attorneys

19-1414 tsac Members of Congress

19-1414 tsac The Cayuga Nation

19-1414 Ute Amici Brief

Final NCAI-Tribal Governments Amici Brief-US v Cooley 1-15-21

Other Cooley materials are here.

Pit River Tribe Suit against BLM Leases Survives (Mostly) Motions to Dismiss

Here are the materials in Pit River Tribe v. BLM (E.D. Cal.):

63 First Amended Complaint

64 BLM Motion to Dismiss

67 Calpine Motion to Dismiss

75 Opposition

76 BLM Reply

77 Calpine Reply

79 DCT Order

Federal Court Orders IHS to Turn Over Docs on Stanley Patrick Weber to New York Times and Wall Street Journal

Here are the materials in New York Times v. Dept. of Health and Human Services (S.D. N.Y.):

1 Complaint

20 US Motion for Summary Judgment

23 Newspapers Motion for Summary Judgment

26 US Reply

28 Newspapers Reply

31 DCT Order

An excerpt:

This Freedom of Information Act suit was brought by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and a reporter seeking to force the Indian Health Service (“IHS”) to release a report that it commissioned from a private consultant to investigate numerous acts of rape and sexual abuse committed by Stanley Patrick Weber, a former IHS pediatrician, against Native American children. IHS has taken the position that the report is protected from disclosure by a statute that affords confidentiality to reports on the “quality of medical care” — a position we reject. We also find that the report is not protected under the litigation privilege exemption of the Freedom of Information Act and thus order that it be produced.